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The DMZ Group UK is a large Property Services Company offering Management of Buildings, Maintenance, Marketing, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Cleaning and much more. Each department is run by it's own team and management staff.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

*We offer a personal and honest service where we always pay our contractors, Never cut corners, Always maintain professionalism and best of all we beat any quote.


Chat to us over a coffee.

If you want to know more and don’t want to speak to us over email or the phone, Why not request a face to face with our CEO himself so he can explain why we are different to other block management companies.

We have a well Oiled Machine

We will not tell you that our Facilities Management, Also known as FM Services are second to none as thats a bold ‘same old, same old’ statement from every other business out there. We can show you how well our company works.

We are at your beck and call

If you are fed up with companies that treat you like a number on their spreadsheet then use us to see that we give the personal touch and always put you first.

"I own property myself and I wanted a Property Management company that can cover everything I need myself. So my company treats customers how I want to be treated"

David, CEO

ceo of dmz group uk

Our Features

make your business thrive!

Dedicated team working on your company only Pro

Get unlimited access to all our team has to offer by going 'pro' on our price list! With our pro service you can call upon us 24/7 and we personally stay on any issues until its rectified.

We can take care of the data management Pro

Not only can we provide manual services but also software, technical support, filing, document disposal and much more.

Premium Support Pro

With 'Pro' you can call our team or even the CEO himself direct to get business or financial advice.

dmz group uk

Soft FM Services

Even our basic package has our team working hard on your property providing soft facilities management which includes things like Cleaning, Pest Control, Waste Management, Security and more.

Hard FM Services

We can take care of the hard facilities management of your block or building such as fire safety, cctv, groundworks, building services, heavy maintenance and more.

SAFE & reliable

You might be thinking, "All they want is another company on their books paying a monthly fee for nothing" but we offer more than just an invoice every month, Most services we actually offer from our in house operatives and we have contacts in all industries that gets fast acting contractors on any issues straight away

We can handle complaints & disputes for you Pro

If you ever need us to handle complaints professionally for you we have years of experience in damage control.

Virtual receptionist Pro

We can provide a real live human being on call receptionist if required as part of your 'Pro package'.

General Business advice

We can provide any business advice free if you are one of our customers, From anything to problems with the building or to advice on renovations.

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Be smart and start using us to save Money!

We are the right choice for you to start saving on your facilities outgoings.

dmz group helping companies make more money

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Pricing Table

Choose your key to success...

Soft FM Plan

Billed per Month

Daily Cleaning

Light Maintenance Anytime

Personal Facilities Manager

One Deep Clean a Year

Weekly Groundskeeping




Pro Plan

Billed per Month

Everything on the Soft FM Plan

Security Callout

Fire Safety Inspections Quarterly

The CEO’s Direct Line*

Grounds works when needed**

Any Maintenance Issues

Face to Face meetings

Ultimate Plan

Billed per Month

Everything of the Soft FM Plan

Everything on the Pro Plan

Data Management Services

Cash Collection Services if needed

The CEO’s Mobile Number

On Call virtual Receptionist

Face to Face meetings Anytime****

We have helped some of the big players in the industry.

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*Between 9am-5pm.

** if the cost exceeds a monthly amount then a quote will be given before work commences.

*** meetings within the hours of 7am-7pm 7 days a week.

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We cover Nationwide in the UK and we are fully able to provide face to face meetings when requested. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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What Clients Say

Very best opinions

"I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. I am so glad I trusted you guys."
Emma Bailes
"David is a man of his word, I would recommend his company to anyone."
Daniel Larson
Owner of Cafe central
"Finally a facilities company that actually handles the facilities."
Lee Baker
Proprietor of Oven Cleaners

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